In Reply To Prof. Contreras and to the DDS Trolls

Dear Prof. Contreras,

Hi po. Hayaan niyo po akong sagutin ang post niyo. Kasi ito din ang paulit -ulit na binabanggit ng mga trolls.

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Ang waiver ni Senator Trillanes ay nag aatas sa Ombudsman at sa AMLAC na busisiin ang mga pekeng foreign account na inembento ng mga DDS. You asked if it is possible to do that, right? The answer is YES po.

Kasi po according to,

(Republic Act No. 9160) ,


Sec. 3. Obtaining Assistance From Foreign States. – The AMLC may make a request to any foreign state for assistance in (a) tracking down, freezing, restraining and seizing assets alleged to be proceeds of any unlawful activity; (b) obtaining information that it needs relating to any covered transaction, money laundering offense or any other matter directly or indirectly related thereto; (c) to the extent allowed by the law of the foreign state, applying with the proper court therein for an order to enter any premises belonging to or in the possession or control of, any or all of the persons named in said request, and/or search any or all such persons named therein and/or remove any document, material or object named in said request: Provided, That the documents accompanying the request in support of the application have been duly authenticated in accordance with the applicable law or regulation of the foreign state; and (d) applying for an order of forfeiture of any monetary instrument or property in the proper court in the foreign state: Provided, That the request is accompanied by an authenticated copy of the order of the Regional Trial Court ordering the forfeiture of said monetary instrument or property of a convicted offender and an affidavit of the clerk of court stating that the conviction and the order of forfeiture are final and that no further appeal lies in respect of either.

Anong ibig sabihin nito?  Since na waive na po ni Senator Trillanes ang right niya sa Bank Secrecy Law,  AMLAC now can ask assistance sa mga bansa kung saan sinasabi ng mga DDS na may account si Senator Trillanes. Puwede nilang icheck kung totoo o hindi, ipakita lang nila ang waiver na pinirmahan.

Bottomline is upon owner’s request banks will give the owner or his authorized representative access to all info pertaining to the owner’s account. In this case po AMLAC at Ombudsman po ang binigyan ng authority ni Trillanes.

Simplehan natin, halimbawa si PAB nabalitang may offshore account sa Mt. Timbuktu,  ngayon since maurirat at epal si Ate Mocha, pipirma ako ng waiver at bibigyan ko siya ng authorization na iverify ang pekeng tsismis na pinagsasabi niya. Pagdating sa Mt. Timbuktu ipapakita niya lang yun para macheck niya ang veracity ng fake news niya.

Ganun po ang ginawa ni Trillanes po. Itatanong niyo uli kung ihohonor ang authorization na binigay sa AMLAC nang ibang bansa?  Yes po, kasi may mutual agreement po tayo sa ibang bansa.  Halimbawa mabaliktad ang pangyayari na ang reyna sa Mt. Timbuktu napabalita na may account sa atin, tapos pumirma ng waiver ang reyna to prove her innocence, pagdating po dito ng counterpart ng AMLAC, tutulungan din po natin sila. Nasa Rule 7 Section 1 po yan.

Section 1. Request for Assistance from a Foreign State. – Where a foreign state makes a request for assistance in the investigation or prosecution of a money laundering offense, the AMLC may execute the request or refuse to execute the same and inform the foreign state of any valid reason for not executing the request or for delaying the execution thereof. The principles of mutuality and reciprocity shall, for this purpose, be at all times recognized.

I hope nakatulong po ang sagot ko sa tanong niyo po. At sana madessiminate nyo rin po sa mga kaDDS niyo.

No need to thank me, libre research na yan po for you.

Hindi Tamad Magresearch,


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