Hawa-hawa na ang Kabastusan

Dear Atty. Salvador Panelo,

Pati ba naman sa international interview kailangan niyong sumingit ng kabastusan? Luh, grabe sya.

Ang topic is about Duterte’s war on drugs, tapos bigla naging f*c*k*n*? Resibo.

Eto po ang transcript ng interview niyo na super kadiri.

”Karin Wenger: And one personal question: You play piano, right?

Salvador Panelo: Yeah. I play by ear.

KW: Do you have any—

SP: I compose, I play, and sing and dance. But I’m better in bed.

KW: You’re better in bed?

SP: Yes.

Ana Santos : Says who?

SP: Says me.

AS: How do you know?

SP: Well, when I was still a bachelor, they said I f*ck like an 18 year old. I f*ck my clothes like an 18-year-old. Because I travel a lot.

KW: You f*ck your clothes?

SP: You didn’t get the joke? I wanted you to laugh.

KW: No. I missed the joke. I’m sorry.

SP: Pres. Arroyo was telling me because I visited her once a week when she was incarcerated, and one time I was there and she was with her Assumptionista classmates. And they were talking about me. “Hi, ma’am.” “Hey, Sal they want to ask you one question.” “What is it, ma’am?” And they said that “You don’t look your age, you look, you look strong. What’s your secret?” And my reply was so fast. “No, I f*ck…my clothes. Because I travel a lot.”

Kaya pala kayo ganito manamit. Kasi you f*ck your clothes. Yaiks!

Sabi ng nag interview sa inyo, unreliable ka daw at parang wala kang alam sa pamamalakad sa gobyerno. Resibo.

Luh sya, kaya siguro hindi updated si presidente sa mga bagong batas kasi hindi mo ginagawa ang trabaho mo.

Oo nga po pala, mukha po kayong dalmatian dito sa fashion statement niyo po. 😂😂😂

Kidding aside, hindi dapat kayo bastos kasi you represent Duterte’s office. Pag balahura po kayo, as an alter ego ng Presidente, baka sabihin nila balahura din ang presidente.

Sabi ng nag interview sa inyo,

 “If a guy like that, who talks like that, is the legal adviser of the president…it tells a lot about the nature of this government.”


Boom Panes!

Yamot sa Balahurang Mang Kepweng,


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