Utos Ng Presidente, Tig-dadalawa Daw Kunin

Dear KaPAB,

May panibago na namang findings ang COA. Di ba may pabahay sa mga kapulisan at mga sundalo?

The housing project was authorized by Administrative Order (AO) No. 9 signed on April 11, 2011, to compensate for the low salaries of uniformed personnel including jail officers and firefighters.


Under the AO, ang the pabahay  dapat mapunta sa may ranks na: Police Officers 1, 2, and 3 of the PNP; private/private first class, corporal/sergeant, staff sergeant/technical sergeant of any branch of the AFP; and fire/jail/correction officers 1, 2, and 3 or the Bureau of Fire Protection, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, and the Bureau of Corrections.

Pero alam niyo ba kung ano nangyari?


Imbes na mapunta sa low ranked officials napunta ang mga pabahay sa may matataaas na rango at mas masakit tig-dadalawa pang unit ang kinuha.


Bigger houses para sa high ranking officials tapos yung ibang sundalo at kapulisan at sundalo sa mababang rango nawalan na?

Ayon sa report:

Those who took 2 units for themselves were military brigadier generals, police chief superintendents, and 65 colonels from the Philippine Army, Marines, and Air Force, according to COA.

There were 154 captains, 146 1st lieutenants, 128 majors and 295 master sergeants who also took two units each.”

Yung mga general at high ranking officers, pampered. Yung mga nasa laylayan sa rank, ngangey.

Hay naku. Delicadeza left the chatroom.


Yamot Sa Promotor Ng Kasamaan,


Source: https://amp.rappler.com/nation/234643-state-houses-for-low-ranked-cops-soldiers-went-to-top-brass-audit-report-2018?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter&__twitter_impression=true

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