Your Voice Is Making A Difference

Dear KaPAB,

I just want to share with you this post from Sir Enteng Romano.


Some people will tell you, “Tigilan mo na ang pagbatikos. Bakit hindi ka na lang sumunod?”

Don’t believe them.

Our collective voices have resulted in major PUSHBACKS.

1. The emergency powers given to Duts were clipped; also, some provisions for safeguards were added
2. Abuses of high government officials (like the Koko MMC incident) are widely condemned
3. Priority testing for VIPs was exposed and now reduced
4. RITM Director Dr. Carlos was fired by Duque at the behest of politicians; Duque forced to reinstate her due to public outcry
5. Requirement for health workers to show IDs at checkpoints was waived
6. Attempt by a POGO operator to convert a unit in a Mandaluyong condo to a workplace was blocked
7. Government was forced to provide transport to health workers and frontliners
8. Government pressured to declare ban on incoming China flights earlier than they planned to
9. Duts now forced to stay on script (fewer adlibs now); he can no longer get away with cursing or his sick sex jokes. People demand serious solutions now
10. AND… Bong Go has stopped saying “Sabi ni Presidente…” because really, nobody cares anymore what he has to say.

Equally significant is how we have pushed backed the trolls.

The government’s first response to a crisis is ALWAYS propaganda – it unleashes its troll army to support a bumbling President or a widely unpopular action. Either that, or bash a critic.

Their campaigns to defend Duts’ vacillation in banning Chinese mainlanders – “sympathy to Chinese neighbor”, and “playing the racist card” failed.

And now that we’re in this escalating crisis, these campaigns are haunting them.

They tried to bash VP Leni. But her leadership, and intelligent and focused response to the crisis speak louder. And it’s a sharp contrast to the government’s incompetent handling of the crisis. Even DDS fanatic TP acknowledged this, although reluctantly.

Next, they targeted Vico. But we countered with #ProtectVico and simply drowned out their attacks.

And after Duts’ uninspiring, incoherent, and confusing presscons, they launched the “kawawa naman si Tatay Duts” and “blame the bad citizens for the problem” campaigns. Both failed, miserably at that.

We even managed to bring down, even if only temporarily, the mother site of Fake News. And we celebrated it with #MochaUsonIsOverParty.

We are gaining much headway here, in the battle against Fake News and contrived campaigns. And we are beginning to reach, and win over those outside our echo chambers.

Make no mistake. We are at war. Not just against Covid. But also against Fake News and incompetence.

Our WORDS are our ammunition. Our Post, Tweet, Likes, Shares and RTs – our weapons. And the social media platforms we are in – our assigned battlefields.

Let us not tire of SPEAKING UP.

Let us EXPOSE incompetence, arrogance, and the sense of entitlement by some of our leaders, at every opportunity.

At the same time, let us LAUD those who step up, some beyond the call of duty, in these extraordinary times.

Our CONCERTED VOICES magnify them, and pushes our government to move in the RIGHT direction.

NO. SILENCE is not the answer.

YES. SPEAKING UP is part of the solution.

Kaya huwag tayong mapagod, sa panahon ng fake news at panggigipit boses natin ang ating sandata.


Patuloy Na Lalaban Para sa Bayan,


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