Tuluyan Nang Kinansela Ni Duterte Ang VFA

Dear KaPAB,

Matatawa ka sa drama ni Pebbles ngayong tuluyan ng kinansela ang VFA.

Ngayong wala na ang VFA, ang unang mawawala ang Balikatan excercise ng mga sundalo natin.

The termination of the VFA could likewise “be viewed as ultimately putting an end to the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) and the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT),” which experts viewed was a deterrent to China’s expansionist claims in the South China Sea. 

Dahil lang sa visa ni Pebbles, malalagay sa kapahamakan ang bansa.

The VFA was an affirmation of the two countries’ obligations under the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) signed in 1951. The MDT is a commitment to defend each other – in accordance with constitutional processes – in the event of an armed attack by a hostile party.

Dahil lang sa pagngawa ng isang tao, magiging vulnerable ang bansa natin.

Well, between Pebbles and national security, guess kung sino mas mahalaga kay Duterte?

Yamot Sa Incompetent,



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