The Love That Endures Till The End

Dear KaPAB,

Ang pagmamahal ni Ninoy kay Cory ay wagas hanggang sa dulo.

Final post. Written at the Grand Hotel, Taipei. Morning of August 21, 1983:
My dearest Cory,

In a few hours I shall be embarking on an uncertain fate which may well be the end of a long struggle. I slept well last night for the first time since I left Boston – maybe because I’m just plain tired or I’m really at peace with myself. I want to tell you many things but time is running out and I do not have my machine. After a few more paragraphs, my penmanship will be illegible.

All the things I want to tell you may be capsulized in one line – I love you! You’ve stood by me in my most trying moments and there were times I was very hard on you. But if anyone will ever understand me, it is you and I know you will always find it in your heart to forgive – and unfair and ironic as it is – it is because of this thought and belief that I often took you for granted.

Early on I knew I was not meant to make money – so I won’t be able to leave anything to the children. I did what I thought I could do best which is public service and I hope our people in time will appreciate my sacrifices. This would be my legacy to the children. I may not bequeath them material wealth but I leave them a tradition which can be priceless.

I realize I’ve been very stingy with my praise and appreciation for all your efforts — but though unsaid — you know that as far as I’m concerned you are the best. That’s why we’ve lasted this long. There will only be one thing in the world I will never accept — that you love me more than I love you — because my love though unarticulated for you will never be equalled.

If all goes well I should be back in my cell before sundown. Should I be detained do not rush to get home. Take your time and enjoy a side trip to Europe with the girls.

I’ll try to call you tonight if the authorities will allow me. Otherwise just remember me in your dreams.



Sana all faithful sa minamahal no? Sa gitna ng diktadurya, may pagmamahalan na walang hanggan.

Humahanga sa Pag-iibigan,