Sagot ni Senator Trillanes sa Pahayag ng Isang PMAers Laban sa Kanya

Dear KaPAB,

May mga kinakalat ang mga DDS na di umano may patutsada ang isang PMAyer kay Senator Trillanes.

May sagot na po si Senator Trillanes.

To Cav Cejoco Cl’ 82, sir:

Just to make a few clarifications to your story:

First, Cav Biazon ’61 was Supt, PMA from 1986 to 1987; my father retired from the AFP in 1988; while I entered PMA in 1991. Therefore, it was impossible for my father to have used his influence as an active officer for me to have preferential treatment as a cadet. This glaring mix-up of dates have instantly demolished any credibility to your story.

Second, as I vividly recall, my father was very conscious of the “anak ng diyos” mentality of upperclassmen to give extra punishment to plebes who are sons of PMAers. In short, mas mamalasin ka pag nag-entertain ka habang may company mase mase. Precisely, why he only visited me during Kings of barracks and whenever there are special events like Incorporation Day, Recognition Rites, 100th Nite Show, etc.. In short, you may have mixed-up your dates again and, since you are not a Tac-O, you are probably not aware of the cadet activities whenever my father stayed at COMMEL.

Third, on the assumption that my father, indeed, has stayed and dined at the PMA COMMEL facilities as a retired member of the COMMEL family whenever he visited me in PMA, he clearly may have done this with your consent as the CO, probably because you have treated him as an upperclassman and a friend back then. Otherwise, my father wouldn’t have insisted on staying there if he felt that he was not welcome. Now, is your rant a form of panunumbat to my long dead father (he passed away in 1998)?

Fourth, as regards your allegation of conversion committed by my father (when he already retired, as you mentioned), as a responsible PMAer, again assuming it is true, what did you do about it? Kami, when confronted with rampant corruption, nagrebelde kami because we wanted to change the system. In your case, did you just admit that you chose to tolerate it and be complicit about it? I certainly hope not.

Finally, I am well aware that my political entanglement with Mr. Duterte has affected some PMAers who are avidly supporting him. But, in a functioning Democracy, that is my role as a member of the opposition and my duty as a public servant. In time, this Administration, like all the others, shall pass too. And we will once again re-forge that bond we have as PMAers.


Obviously may nagsisinungaling. Sana marealize ng iba na hindi naman presidente si Duterte forever.

Yamot sa Sinungaling,


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