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Dear KaPAB,

Nabasa ko ang interview ni Andrew Masigan and I want to share with you. Unahin ko ang side ni Andy.

Nagmeet pala si Andy at Tish sa isang flight to Hongkong noong 1999. Love at first sight si Andy kay Tish kaya gumawa sya ng arrangements to make it sure na katabi niya si Tish sa flight na yun. Dun din sya nagcheck in sa Marriott Hotel kung saan nagcheck- in si Tish para ituloy niya ang panliligaw.  Until nagpakasal sila.

Nagsimula ang gulo noong 2012. Ayon sa report,

The downward spiral started in 2012 when Tisha started a business called Angel Brigade, later on renamed “Archeology.” The business traded in fortune-telling and other forms of the occult. She claims to have a third eye. Tisha was in partnership with Alvin Lim, the former life partner of Margarita Fores (Gaita), who, was also a good friend of Tisha’s.

Rumors soon spread that Tisha was having an affair with Alvin. The fact that she would spend as much as three nights a week with her “business partner” at their office only stoked the rumor flames. Eventually, Gaita discovered intimate e-mails between the two which eventually found its way to Andy. Outraged, Andy confronted Tisha and Alvin to ask if indeed, their relationship went beyond business. They denied the intimacy aspect of it. Tisha, however, admitted that Alvin was her true “soul mate.” Alvin allegedly has a third eye too.

Ang sakit siguro nito para kay Andy Bautista at kay Chef Gaita.

Pero kahit pa ginawa to ni Tish pinilit pa din isave ni Andy Bautista ang marriage kasi nga naaawa sya sa mga anak nila.

Ayon sa report,

The Bautista couple have been estranged since 2012. Although living under one roof, the intimacy was gone and the marriage was reduced to a relationship of civility. Tisha continued to ask for a divorce and a monetary settlement while Andy tried to hang on.

Pero ang pinaka grabeng pangyayari ay last year November ayon sa report ni Andrew J. Masigan,

“While in the US to observe the American presidential elections, Andy received a call from Banco de Oro asking clearance for Tisha’s withdrawal of $117,000 and P250,000. Shocked, Andy tried to call Tisha but to no avail. The withdrawal went through as Tisha threatened to throw a tantrum at BDO if she didn’t get her money. It was a joint account.

At this point, Tisha had already hired Atty. Lorna Kapunan.

All hell broke lose when Andy arrived from the States. He was barred from entering their conjugal home by two armed men with pistols. The guards told Andy that they were there upon the instruction of Kapunan.

Inside the home, Tisha found a way to open Andy’s private cabinets from which bank statements, property titles, and cash were retrieved.”

Grabe si Kapunan,  parang feeling ko lalo niyang pinagulo ang sitwasyon.

Sa darating na Senate hearing magkakaalamanan if indeed Bautista committed impeachable offense.

Ang tanong about sa discrepancies sa SALN niya. Eto ang paliwanag niya,

“Andy explained that if you look at the titles and bank accounts, the majority of them are “and/or accounts” with two to five nominees, all of whom are members of his family. As the lawyer of the family based in Manila, Andy is the default caretaker for the family estate, he says. All seven Bautista siblings are successful in their own right (doctors, lawyers, CEOs, etc.) as were the parents, hence, the amounts are substantial. Like many Filipino families, the Bautistas invest jointly to safeguard against legal complications in case someone passes away.”

Alam pala to ni Tish from the very start. Nang tinanong si Andy why the joint account were left out sa SALN eto ang paliwanag niya.

“Most, if not all public servants declare only the assets and liabilities which belong solely to them on their SALN, explained Andy. This is how the law is interpreted.

This also explains why politicians likes of Juan Ponce Enrile declared a net worth of only P122 million while his family owns the JAKA Group, a conglomerate worth hundreds of billions.

Accounts held on an and/or basis, especially with two or more nominees, are not normally declared by public servants. Whether this is right or wrong is subject to another discussion. The point is, Andy claims he only followed the established methods of the bureaucracy.”

Tinanong din sya kung how he will explain yung 37 bank accounts, he replied,

“Before joining government, Andy says he was a practicing lawyer, a country head for an international consulting firm and CEO of Kuok Properties, among others. In short, he was established before joining government, he asserts.”

At kaya niya daw iexplain in full details kung saan nanggaling ang pera. Wala syang kailangan itago.

After kong mabasa ang interview na to, lalo akong nalito why these propagandists ay sinasabi na Liberal daw si Andy Bautista, he hindi naman pala. In fact, records show that he ruled in favor of Grace Poe’s presidential candidacy despite this working to the disadvantage of Mar Roxas.

Recently nasa witness protection program daw si Tish. Si Tish na may $117,000 and more na pera. Let that sink in. Babayaran nang tax ng bayan ang marital woes nila.

Mahaba haba pa ang istoryang ito. Ang kawawa talaga dito ang mga bata..

Abangan natin ang susunod na kabanata.

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