Open Letter to Agnes Callamard

Dear Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard,

Since the war on drugs begun under the Duterte administration, 13,000 have died. It is disturbing that most of those who were killed with impunity from the lowest rung of society. Poor people who were suspected of peddling drugs in the streets or using them. Even more sad is the fact that this figure includes children. No one could believe children are involved with drugs!

The police, egged on by the public statements of President Duterte that they will be protected and even pardoned if they were convicted due to their actions related to the war on drugs, have committed the most blatant and worst cases of human rights violations. The signs cannot be ignored. Operations done in the dead of the night do not have witnesses. The pattern is the same. People are shot at close range on the head and at the back. The murdered suspects were gunned down because the police argued that they fought back. Evidence like guns and drugs have been planted.

Just recently, a 17 year old boy named Kian delos Santos, was the latest victim —– dragged and forced to accept a gun was told to run. He was then shot by the policemen. Witnesses saw how Kian delos Santos was murdered. It was also recorded by CCTV.

Madame Callamard,  we now have to say again the phrases we have repeatedly said during the time of the dictator Marcos, “Enough is enough!” 

We need your intervention and your help! The grieving family of the victims of the war on drugs cannot have justice under a system where most politicians and judges who are sworn to protect them and dispense justice are beholden to one man and his cohorts.

We can only wring our fingers in frustration and cry hopeless tears. Please help us!!!

Grieving for Justice,


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