Netizen Gege Sugue, Sinopla Ang Kabastusan ni Lorraine Badoy-Partosa

Dear KaPAB,

Hindi pinalampas ni Gege Sugue ang kabastusan ni Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy-Partosa sa comment niya kahapon sa sinabi ni VP Leni Robredo.



This screencap has been making the rounds. 

Our taxes pay for Dr. Lorraine Badoy’s salary. She is tasked to keep our citizens well informed. And then she goes to a public site to post a comment totally bereft of data to support it. How does she quantify this laziness? By the number of times she’s caught sleeping during official functions, the number of times she comes late or cancels an appointment? By the frequency of her long absences and mysterious disappearances? Oh wait, then Rody Duterte is the gold standard of this laziness. 

Dr. Badoy speaks in the superlative. Can she back this up with comparative data of the performance of all other Vice Presidents in the history of the land? Can she prove that Noli De Castro, Binay, and Erap were less incompetent, lazy and stupid?

As to VP Robredo’s competence, again, let me remind everyone that her one job according to the Constitution is to replace the President. Unfortunately, she has not been given the chance to perform it. So whatever she has accomplished with her Angat Buhay program is already way above any standard of performance. Amazing, in fact, given the bare bones budget of the OVP. So if Dr. Badoy really wants Leni Robredo to prove her competence, then help create a circumstance for the president to be replaced. 

And let’s not even talk about who the real traitors of our country are.

Is it part of Dr. Badoy’s job to lie, mislead, exaggerate, allow her personal issues take over logic? 

All because her labs has been discovered to be a failure in this costly war on drugs. To what extent will her infatuation with a monster affect her sanity that she would continue to damage her own already shaky credibility with her public pronouncements?

And you who continue to hate VP Leni Robredo just because you love Duterte, let Dr. Badoy be a mirror of your own insanity.



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