The “Na-ano” Preamble

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Take time to read and feel the emotion of a single mother of two behind each word. 😢

“The NA-ANO Preamble”

If you are a solo parent, a child , a brother, a sister, a parent , a friend of one or maybe, just another curious individual who would want to read more of “the na-ano” fire backs… then, this is for you.

Allow me to thank you for your time and my apologies if , at the end , I might end up wasting it.

~An Open Letter to Senator Sotto~

Dear Senator Sotto,
I pray and hope that this one reaches you before mothers day. I wish you and your whole family the strength that will shield you against hurtful and distasteful words being thrown.

I know how bitter those painful,unsolicited and unwarranted words tastes like. The mockery and sarcasm after being swallowed causes a mini childhood traumatic experience. Some of my childhood years were made of fantasies that hits forward – to independence!

Then “sh*t happened and I can no longer hit rewind.

Senator, please allow me to properly introduce myself by sharing a little piece of who i really am. I want you to paint me “an identity” that once or maybe twice I am being denied for.

The recent blow of insult happened yesterday when you made an unwarranted “na-ano” joke causing the audience laugh.

Allow me to invite your laughing audience share with you the same amount of how an after party hang over feels like.

The “na-ano ka lang” remark was really uncalled for. You perceived moral high grounds that comes from a precarious place as if may I remind you of your shady past involving the late Pepsi Paloma.

I fought myself really hard not to fall on same pit that you are in. I promised myself not to eat the bait. It would have been easier to cat call you Senator. I would have felt vindicated throwing you names.. dragging your daughter’s name in the fiasco..but I won’t. Simply because, when you looked down on Taguiwalo for having children out of wedlock, you displayed ignorance that will help me educate my kids in the future.

You made my heart skip a beat.

You made her feel less of herself.

You made me feel how it is like be (once again) , a nobody.

You wounded my ego.

You stained my pride of raising my kids solo.

You did not honor her journey – or even mine.

You judged , you mocked and you laughed over Taguiwalo’s blood & tears raising heaven and hell for her kids.

You did not put credits over how many sleepless nights she has dealt over these years to reach her age.

You did not recognize her sacrifices .

You did not allow her to take her pride.

You did not allow her kids tell you how is she like as a mother and a father at the same time.

You did not reward her with all her accomplishments.

You did not paint a better picture of her.

You have opened doors

…to make her feel less of herself because her life isnt normal.

You made her feel powerless.

You made her kids faceless.

You made her feel that our law disrespects diversity.

You did not show respect.

You did not show her kindness.

You did not hold boundaries.

You did not show her compassion.

You did not show her acceptance.

You marginalized single parents and once again, reminded her of where she should stand in what you believe “your” (just yours) society.

You made me boil a little.
You made me raise an arm .
Just a little.
Just enough to spark but not to literally burn.

You made a big joke on the law that protected her from discrimation.

You denied her of her labours and her worthy contributions .

You did not allow her to leave her past.

You wish her past to haunt like a curse.

You did not bury what she has gone through in the past.

You wish to contain her.

And you laughed.

You laughed at her. You laughed with your audience without knowing that you made her kids pity her.

You laughed at me and and to the rest of us and called us “na-ano lang”.

I pained for my daughter and for Chrai.
I tell them that we get the liberty to choose our life .
To be better in society .
I told them our family is special.

And then you, Senator Sotto made us imageless.

Your na-ano joke stained the rest of us , solo parents.

Your apologies citing 2 of your daughters as single parents did not convince me of your innocence.

I hope this letter reaches you Senator. I want you to know that maybe , there are jokes and punchlines better left unspoken as we dont get paid acting like clowns in the Senate.

You dont get the role playing actors in the Senate.

Our Reality sometimes sucks and you made fun out of it.

Bad remarks wounds rather than heals.

The joke is on you.

Aimee Adalla, Solo Parent
Las Pinas



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