Mensahe Ni Chel Diokno Sa Mga Kabataan

Dear KaPAB,

Basahin natin ang message ni Atty. Chel Diokno sa mga kabataan.

The nation is waking up from its slumber, and our youth are leading the way.

Five grade 12 students just put their elders to shame by calling out President Duterte for not respecting the rights of others. In a letter published in a major daily, they said: “As you are looked up to as a role model of our country, we believe that respecting these rights should go both ways….Your generalizations and comments regarding the leaders of our religion make your position as President questionable.” Kudos to Isabelle, Maria, Liandre, Arianne and Diane for telling it like it is: may your kind thrive and multiply!

In a newspaper column published a few weeks ago, Kiki Mahinay, 23, wrote:
“I was a huge fan of Tatay Digong….I was a DDS (die-hard Duterte supporter), trolling his critics every time I could….”
“I am a woke person now, and I ask: How can we improve our justice system when we find EJKs to be the solution? How can a leader make fun of sexual assaults and rape when it is his responsibility to raise the standards of public discourse and campaign against such heinous crimes? How can the government rehabilitate beaches while refusing to do the same with human beings? How can it easily give up on our own territory and comfortably share it with others? How can it freely Red-tag student activists, when it’s these young people’s right to air grievances against the government when they feel something is wrong? How can this administration have the guts to acquit criminals and plunderers? And how can it violate the Constitution again and again for base self-interest?”
“I hope each of us would learn to see with both eyes beyond the DDS and Yellow tags. Our politicians do not deserve our loyalty; our country does.” Bravo, Kiki! You couldn’t have said it better.

On November 18, 2016, Nicole Aliasas, then 22 years old, singlehandedly protested the burial of Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Interviewed by a journalist, she said: “I am mad because we allowed Marcos to be buried in this sacred ground intended for honorable men.” “I feel for all the torture victims of Martial Law,” she added, “even if I am not directly related to them. They [fought for] our freedom.” Hats off to you, Nicole, your woke-ness is contagious!

My generation actually owe you an apology. Most of us kept quiet when we should have protested the killings, the slut-shaming, the invasion of our territory, and erosion of our values. We did not listen and were not even aware of your pleas for justice and dignity. You were looking for woke lolos but only found sleeping lolos or worse: foul-mouthed, crude, and seething lolos filled to the brim with hate, greed, and violence. For that, I am immensely sorry.
While the Filipinos of my generation may not be worth dying for, you—Isabelle, Maria, Liandre, Arianne, Diane, Kiki, Nicole and all other woke Youth—are worth every drop of this woke lolo’s blood. For you are not just the conscience of our nation, you are its soul.

Blinded by the lure of the dark side, he who would be king and his minions have overlooked what my father called “the greatness of the Filipino soul” — which, once aroused, cannot be stopped. The nights of lies, fear and violence are numbered. The days of reckoning are coming.


Tama si Atty. Chel Diokno, kailangan ng tapusin ang kasinungalingan at panggigipit. Ipakita ang ating mga hinaing sa Mayo 13. Bumoto ng tama. Otso Diretso sa balota.

Hindi Susukuan Ang Bayan,



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