May Umamin Na, Mga Bes!

Dear President Duterte,

Sa wakas umamin na kayo na kasalanan niyo talaga ang mga nangyayaring extrajudicial killings.



Huwag mong “nilalang” ang extrajudicial killing kasi ang daming mga inosente ang nadamay.


According to Ruben Carranza,

THE ONLY SIN OF DUTERTE: “My only sin is extrajudicial killing” isn’t an admission of guilt. Yet. Instead, at this stage of the #ICC process involving the Philippines — the stage called a #preliminaryexamination — that freely-made statement can be used by the Prosecutor to form part of “the information made available to him or her” that then becomes basis “to initiate an investigation” under Article 53 of the ICC treaty.

Can she investigate despite the Philippines’ withdrawal from the ICC treaty? Yes. Not only because the withdrawal hasn’t taken effect (it takes effect only in March 2019) but because it may be unconstitutional to begin with.

In any event, here’s what the #ICC treaty says when there is an admission of guilt: “When the ICC is satisfied that (1) the accused understands the nature and consequences of the admission of guilt, (2) the admission is voluntarily made, and (3) is supported by the facts of the case…” then it “may convict the accused of that crime.”

In other words ang pag-amin ni Duterte ng extrajudicial killing ay maaring magamit ng prosecutor sa kaso.

Sa dami nang pinatay sa rehimeng Duterte, may pananagutan at karmang darating sa lahat ng nasangkot.

Maghihintay Sa Karma,


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