May Suggestion si Senator Trillanes sa Presidente

Dear President Duterte,

Kahit inaaway niyo si Senator Trillanes, binibigyan niya pa rin kayo ng payo oh.

Sana pakinggan niyo tong mga suggestions niya:

Statement re Duterte’s order for the AFP takeover of the BoC:

This is a dangerous proposition that is meant to cover up Duterte’s complicity or incompetence in the 11bn shabu controversy. It is also meant to project his supposed seriousness in dealing with the problem but the fact remains that those responsible for letting these shabu shipments pass are not being prosecuted.

Moreover, the AFP is an organization that is trained primarily to deal with national security threats and not to collect customs duties. This will not work. Worse, the endemic corruption at the BoC might even contaminate the AFP.

The following are the proposed solutions to address corruption at BoC:

1. The government should prosecute, to the full extent of the law, the drug lords and customs officials responsible for the 6.4bn and 11bn shabu shipments, to include both Comm. Lapena and Faeldon.

2. Computerize the BoC systems for a mandatory electronic filing with automatic electronic copies furnished to CoA, counter intel units and the Ombudsman.

3. The goverment should revive the private pre-shipment inspection services.

4. The government should have multiple remote xray monitors manned by COA and counter intel units, to avoid collusion and countercheck findings of BoC personnel/xray operators.

5. Reduce customs duties (except protected goods) to discourage smuggling.

6. The government should conduct covert lifestyle checks and prosecute or dismiss erring BoC personnel.

7. Increase incentives for BoC personnel who exceed performance targets.

Ayan ha, dapat makipagbati ka na say kanya. Libre na lang daw ang consultation fee.

Ang tanong, kakasa ka ba?

Natatawa sa Isang Duwag,


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