Lorraine Badoy: The Bully

I just want to repost how Lorraine Badoy bullied Jillian Robredo.

Last December 16, 2016, eto po si Lorraine Badoy ay nagpost na iniintriga ang project ni Jillian Robredo. To think schoolmate ng anak niya si Jillian ha. She posted this.

Lorraine Badoy Facebook Post | Pinoy Ako Blog

Ang magazine project ng bata inintriga niya funded by LP. Pero nang malaman niya na she was wrong nilait pa niya lalo si Jillian na dapat malaman nang bata kung ano ang heroism daw at kasi para kay Jillian hero si VP Leni.

Lorraine Badoy Facebook Post | Pinoy Ako Blog

That Christmas of 2016 is full of hatred from Lorraine Badoy.  Pero alam niyo kung sino nagtanggol kay Jillian Robredo yung groupmate mismo ni Jillian sa project.

Basahin niyo po and you will see na mas may respeto pa ang bata kaysa ka Dr. Lorraine Badoy.


“Hi, tita Lorraine! I hope this doesn’t get lost in the sea of comments haha. I just came back from a 12-hour drive from Sagada. There, I enjoyed 4 days of offline bliss – I hardly ever checked my phone. The first thing I heard of when logging back on was news of this post. Apparently my Filipino project was being shared and criticized by hundreds of people, and the original post was by no other than you, tita. Yes, I was part of the small group that produced this ‘Bayani’ magazine. In fact, I designed it, chose the cover photo, and even gave it its now infamous name.

I’m not one who regularly engages in political discussions online – there are others who are far more articulate and well-versed on the subject – but I felt involved in this. It is, after all, my project, my beliefs, and my school you are criticizing.

Before anything else, I want to let you know of my respect and admiration for you; I want to thank you.

Thank you for being outspoken and never failing to lend your voice to those who would have not otherwise been heard without it. Thank you for refusing to be silent and always fighting for what you believe is just. Your countless posts on FB alone are enough to inspire me to fight just as passionately for what I believe in.
Thank you for loving our country with a burning passion, and refusing to settle for anything but the best for it.
Thank you for raising one of the friends I hold dearest. I admire him just as much and learn from him every chance I get.

The project was given to us with several pages of technical instruction. They were particular with font size, spacing, page numbers, sources, etc. When it came to subject matter, however, we were free to choose whatever we wanted. Our group of five wanted a subject we were passionate about; something we felt was worth writing about. So we chose to write about current political issues in the country. In effect, the project reflects the opinion of only five students – the school itself had nothing to do with the production of this magazine or the opinions found in its contents.

In the eyes of my group, VP Robredo is worthy of the title ‘hero’. You and I may not share the same sentiment, and that’s alright. On behalf of my group, I assure you that our faith in the VP was not placed there by someone else. Not by our parents, not by Jillian, and certainly not by Pisay. Each of us is well-informed of VP Robredo’s achievements and success stories, of her imperfections and shortcomings. We don’t dare call her a god, and we are not blind to her flaws. We’ve done our own research and carefully dissected the information gathered. At the end of it all, our faith is still with her. I’m sure you’ve gone through the same process with our president and have come to a similar conclusion.

We believe that every decision she has made up to this point has been with the betterment of our country in mind. She is without ulterior motives. She has fought against the odds multiple times – in fact, she continues to do so. That, to us, is a hero: one who sacrifices and perseveres in the name of the Filipino people.

It might be an argument that though the school had no direct influence on this project, its general teachings are biased towards the LP. No such generalization should be made. Pisay is one of the most politically aware and politically diverse youth communities I know of. I have classmates who have fiercely opposing views on the same issues, schoolmates who do not subscribe to the same sociopolitical beliefs as some teachers, yet we treat each other with no less respect.

No, I don’t share the same political beliefs as all of my peers, but that’s one of the reasons why my stay in Pisay is so enriching. We are continuously challenging each other’s opinions – political discourse on my Twitter feed is not a rare sight.

I admit that before high school, my views of the government were skewed. I unquestioningly copied the beliefs of my family. Entering Pisay has changed that. All opinions are welcome, and if a student happens to have a divergent one, all the more are they encouraged to share it.

This school project was done as an act of hope and was shared to the public in a moment of pride. Please don’t twist it into an act of hatred and manipulation.

I also felt it was necessary to comment because of the large following you have gathered and the influence it has. If your opinion was shared, our side of the story needs to be heard by the public as well. Social media posts can be so powerful, it becomes dangerous. I hope many see this comment and become more informed on the issue. Having now heard both sides, maybe both sides can refrain from harsh unnecessary comments and form reasonable opinions on the matter for themselves.

My respect and admiration for you has by no means diminished. I still look up to you very much, tita, and I hope that the way you see me has not been tainted because of our opposing views.

Respectfully yours. :)”

Yung bully na doctor nalecturan ng isang highschool student.

So wag na tayong magtaka kung bakit basura lumalabas sa bibig niya, kaya nga niyang mambully ng bata eh, adult pa kaya?

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