Kilalanin ang mga Character

Ilalarawan natin sila base sa mga testimony ng kanilang mga kaibigan at sa mga reports na binigay kay PAB



This is from the FB post of Grace Fornier Magno: 

For those wondering why I so vehemently defend Chairman Andy Bautista, it’s simply because his sister Susan Bautista-Afan has been a BFF not for 8 years, but since college. Through the years, we saw Susan rise to the top of her profession at Robert Half International in San Francisco till she retired as District President in San Diego 2 years ago. She now serves as Head of ABSCBN Foundation. Her brother, Martin D Bautista, is a gastroenterologist, his wife an pulmonary specialist in Oklahoma, where they built and run a successful hospital. There are 2 other successful lawyers and educators in the family, aside from Chair Andy, Susan’s baby brother Wito and baby sister Tinine, who is now heads the Legal Division for Mundi Pharma Asia. Andy was once President of Kuok (Shangrila Hotels and Resorts) Holdings, a very highly paid position he gave up to help our country as PCGG Head. Please don’t forget how much stolen wealth he retrieved for the PHILIPPINES when he was in PCGG. Our country was awarded cleanest elections in the WORLD last year.

And when we ask what the secret of their professional success is, they always turn towards Tita Lita, their mother, who has gone to mass every single day since she was EIGHT YEARS OLD! (I thought 18!) Hard to believe but unless she was sick, she never failed and continues to pray for her family at daily mass.

Their Lolo is Justice Jose Bautista. Their father is also a successful lawyer and served as GSIS board member. They come from a family of religious – Bro. Raffy Donato of La Salle is their mom’s brother, Frs Kit and Mon Bautista SJ are their cousins, and Sr Ana Bautista of the Pink Sisters another cousin. Oh how can I forget Fr Tony Bautista SJ, our Marriage professor in college!

And this is why it hurts them, Andy and Susan most especially, who chose to invest in the PHILIPPINES, and to serve this country, when a very private (and painful) family matter is brought to media simply because of money and politics.

They can prove that they did not steal any of their hard earned money that they have been entrusting to Andy since before they were married. That is the easy part. But their reputation and that of Chair Andy, so hard to restore because so many of us have prejudged them. Most of all, those 4 young boys who Andy has sought to protect are now mercilessly put under the spotlight, their school days here stopped abruptly due to bullying.

As they sit at home, wondering what is happening to their world, I ask you to suspend all judgment of this exemplary family and pray for them, for Andy, that he may be vindicated and his family name restored to what was once an impeccable name.



Ayun sa Inquirer report:

Patricia Paz “Tish” Bautista is the daughter of socialite Baby Cruz. Despite this, she has lived a “quiet, small life,”.

Patricia, 47, managed her mother’s Franck Provost salon chain and foundation. She is also into energy healing and aura reading, which is why socialites call her “weird and crazy,” she said.

Nakakabasa daw sya ng aura ng tao. Kasi nga may third eye.  Dito niya nakilala si Alvin Lim yung rumored na bf niya.

Sabi niya P260 million lang daw ang hinhingi niya kay Chairman Bautista, pero base sa document P620,000,000.00 pala.

Sinabi din niya di umano na bahala na ang universe sa apat anak niya.



Anak ng isang crony ni Marcos na si Alfonso Lim Sr. Binawian ng negosyo at ari-arian ng PCGG na dating pinapamunuan ni Andy Bautista. Sabi kasosyo daw sya sa isang negosyo ni Tish Bautista.

Wala masyadong impormasyon sa internet kung ano ang trabaho niya. Ang nandun lang sya daw ang rumored third party sa hiwalayang Andy Bautista at Tish Bautista. At dati syang boyfriend ng isang sikat na Chef.



Isang sikat na Chef. Nagmahal ng totoo. Binigay ang lahat pero naagawan pa din. Magkakaibigan pala silang tatlo.


Hinulaan daw ni Tish si Chef Gaita na may aagaw sa boyfriend niya. Yun pala ang manghuhula ang aagaw. Sabi ng source halos nadepress daw si Chef dati pero naka move on na siya kasi last year kinilala siya as Asia’s Best Female Chef.



Siya ang abogado ni James Yap dati sa annulment with Kris Aquino. Kumandidato, nangampanya, natalo. Kanina sabi niya may sex den daw si Chairman Bautista sa Shang. Yun pala sa kapatid yun ng chairman.


Sabi niya po wala daw siyang bayad sa pagiging lawyer niya kay Tish Bautista. Bahala na po kayo kung papaniwalaan niyo po sya.

Hindi natin alam kung sino nagsasabi ng totoo OR kung hanggang saan aabutin ang teleseryeng ito.

Abangan na lang natin ang susunod na kabanata.

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