Kailan Pa Tayo Naging Ganito Kawalang Puso?

Dear KaPAB,

Noong isang araw naging viral ang nangyari ito sa Cebu.


Eto ang sabi ng nagpost.

“I Will Kill You.”

This will be difficult to watch but please, watch. In the video shown below is Gembe “Jimbe” Casas, 23 years old, shot by the police in Tuburan, Cebu, in an altogether familiar PNP narrative we now know as Nanlaban. As we are all aware, there has been a spate of Nanlaban tales in Cebu these past months. The cops say that Gembe had in possession, sachets of shabu and a gun, seized from him in a buy-bust. LIE, says Alma Areja Cangmaong, Gembe’s first cousin who forwarded the video to me. Gembe did not. Gembe was outside his workplace, about to go home with his sibling, as witnesses attest. As witnesses also say, Gembe was pleading for mercy from his assailants as he was being gunned down. To no avail.
The cops brought Gembe, still alive, to the Tuburan District Hospital, where the police and staff prevented family members from accompanying Gembe to the Emergency Room. Hospitals usually allow a family member in the ER. In the presence of the cops, hospital staff IGNORED Gembe, in spite of his grave condition.

Excerpt from the staff conversation after the victim asked for help (Ate tabangi ko, or Sister, help me):
Male Voice shouting: AYAW BANGUN! (Don’t get up!)
Female voice: Di na nakatobash oi. Nisukul ka paman gud (He doesn’t understand anymore. Nanlaban ka pa kasi)
Male Voice: Ayaw sigig luhag (Stop moving)
Female Voice: Da uy, manglaba ko ani uy (I will do my laundry, giggles)
Male Voice: Danag naman na padung
Female Voice: Unsay danag ba? (What is danag?)
Male Voice: mumbles
Female Voice: Ah lage, basin maulina na basta padung na (Ah yes, he might recover if he is about to go)
Female Voice: Di naman ni kaabot, sigeg bleeding (He will not make it, he is bleeding nonstop)
Eventually, Gembe died from his wounds. No. Correction. Gembe was killed. “I will kill you,” is Duterte’s War on Drugs rhetoric that he boldly pronounces again, and again, and again. This is how the victims die, this is how they are killed, as shown in the video. Brutally, bloodily, mute forever at the injustice.
It is Gembe’s family now that is crying out for justice. Justice from the extra-judicial killing, justice from the Hospital’s negligence, which could be linked to Gembe’s Nanlaban label. Gembe’s family is certainly not the first to cry out for justice, with nearly 30k EJKs since Duterte ascended the presidency. I say, enough! NO MORE! #StopTheKiller


Actually, ang masakit dito ay yung pinabayaan, pinagtawanan at sinisi pa ng mga tao sa hospital ang biktima habang naghihingalo.

Ano na ang nangyayari sa bansa natin? Bakit parang normal na ang patayan?

Paano kung mangyari to sa mahal mo sa buhay tatahimik ka pa rin ba?

Naaawa Sa Bayan,


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