Kaibigan o Kaaway?

Dear DDS, Dilawan at Neutral,

Nabasa ko po kahapon na binigyan daw po tayo ng China ng mga kagamitang pandigma. Nabasa ko po sa Philippines Star.

“Zhao was speaking at the ceremony for the turnover of military assistance that included TY-85 7.62mm sniper rifles, CS/LR4A high-precision rifles, and CQ-A5 5.56 automatic rifles. The shipment also came with 6 million rounds of ammunition, according to reports.”

Then the CQ-A5 5.56 automatic rifles ay parang may nabasa ako about it before. So I did my research and I got this.

Ayon dito sa report ng Modern Firearms:

“Chinese CQ rifle, as offered for export through NORINCO corporation, is a straightforward copy of the American M16A1 assault rifle. CQ first appeared during early 1980s, produced by Chinese state arms factories for export only. This rifle was made in both military(selective-fire) and civilian (semi-automatic only) versions. Recently, Chinese factories also copied US M4A1 carbine under the same CQ designation. This rifle is not used by PLA (Chinese army) or PAP (Chinese police), but apparently it has found some buyers in Asia; Iran makes a copy of CQ rifle as S-5.56.

Ang rifle pala na nabigay sa atin ay copy of the American M16A1 assault rifle. Kinopya lang pala nila.

Pero ang nabahala ako when I found out that base on this website:

So in other words they are donating rifles that even their People’s Liberation Army rejected? Luh, kung ayaw gamitin ng army nila bakit ipapagamit sa atin?

Ang dami pa namang nagbunyi kasi brand new daw. Pero yun pala unsuccessful at reject nila na brand.  Napaisip tuloy ako, kaibigan ba natin sila o kaaway?

Nagpapasalamat naman tayo sa tulong nila pero mas magiging mad masaya ang mga Pilipino kung ibalik na lang nila isla natin di ba?

Medyo Duda,


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