Jay Sonza, Tostado

Dear Jay Sonza,

May mensahe po sa inyo si Sir Ed Lingao, sagot po sa bobo niyong post.

“They’ve started coming out of the woodwork like wild mushrooms after a thunderstorm (or pagkatapos umihi ng kambing. Whatever you can relate to.). This time, it’s a “veteran” microphone-user (apologies but I prefer to reserve the term journalist for field people) who condescendingly and patronizingly tells the “bagong sibol” na reporters how they fail to meet his standards of respect, breeding, and depth of research. Wow.

First of all, in lecturing the so-called bagito reporters about their craft, Sonza pretends to have been a real journalist. In this context, I choose to reserve that term for certain people who can consistently do field work and craft a presentable story under deadline pressure – not someone who can just hold the microphone and fill up dead air. Your forte, HIJO, is talk show and public service. Ok naman yun eh. Pero stop pretending to be what you are not. Many of the bagito reporters you named have much more experience in real journalism than you ever had in all your years broadcasting – because broadcasting, HIJO, is not the same as journalism. Yes, there are many points of convergence, and there are so many excellent broadcast journalists (sorry you don’t make the cut at all), but not all broadcasters are journalists in the same way that not all journalists are broadcasters. Unfortunately, even award-giving bodies tend to conflate them too, as we see in your case. Baka naniwala ka naman sa sarili mong press release. Baka isama kita sa isang tutoong coverage diyan na hindi sa loob ng studio at wala kang dalang mga staff, researchers, at writers, at makita natin kung sino ang bagito at kulang sa depth at research.

But where are my manners, a “bagong sibol” daring to speak to a “veteran” multi-awarded “journalist”? (Sorry, ang daming quotation marks. Should I just use “alleged” and “reported”?)

Perhaps one day, the journo wannabees like us will become a veteran journalist just like you. After all, kilalang kilala ka po sa maliit na industriya natin dahil sa iyong breeding, modo (oh have you forgotten that your cringe-worthy FB rants are all public?), at higit sa lahat, sa LALIM ng iyong PAG-IISIP at PANANALIKSIK at PAG-AARAL sa mga issue.

Now excuse me for a moment as I mop the floor. Too much sarcasm in that last graf.”


Kung hindi niyo po naintindihan, you can call your friend Mocha.

Natatawa ng Bongga,


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