In Reply to the Fake News of Glen Chong

Dear Glen Chong,

Hindi ko alam kung ano ang binasa mong resolution at may drama kang ganito.

Isipin mo, kampo niyo lang ang nag interpret sa resolution na kakaiba. Kapit pa rin Kyah?

Eto ang interpretation ng isang election lawyer. Basahin mo ha, para hindi ka nagkakalat ng fake news. Kakandidato ka pa naman.

From the post of Atty. Emil Marañon.

With the exception of Justices Carpio and Peralta who are on leave, the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) unanimously reverses itself on the use of the 50% threshold and recognises for the first time the 25% threshold used by the Comelec last 2016 elections.

Along with the reversal, the PET also amends its recount procedure. Now, it will use the election return (ER) to preliminarily reconstruct how the VCM counted on election day and then allow the parties to make claims and objections thereto. Previously, despite our objections, the SC entirely disregarded the use of the ERs.

While we have just been asking the PET to honour the 25% threshold, it gave us more than what we are asking for: the application of the “intent rule” to honor all markings that appear as expressions of vote and credit the same to the corresponding party. With this major change, the PET reconsiders its over-emphasis on the threshold, that now, markings that are even below 25% can now be honoured as a valid vote.

This is not new. With these two (2) changes, PET will now make itself consistent with the recount rules in the COMELEC, HRET, SET and even in lower courts. It must be noted that we have been objecting PET’s departure from the usual recount process since it was announced.

Will this benefit Vice President Leni Robredo? A resounding yes. With the “intent rule” in place we are very confident that the recount results will exactly tally with the election day results. We are even confident that we will recover more votes in the three (3) pilot provinces as Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental are the VP’s bailiwicks. With the “intent rule” in place, those shades below the 25% threshold and not counted by the machine will now be accounted and credited to the right party.

With this ruling, I am personally confident that Marcos will not be able to show any reasonable recovery to justify the continuation of his protest. This spells an impending dismissal of his election protest in its entirety.

Also, the PET debunks Marcos’ unfounded attack on the automated election system.

While Marcos took the “squares” on the printed ballot images as his “ultimate proof of fraud,” PET sustains Comelec’s explanation that they are just innocent new features of the machine to facilitate the determination of the threshold.

Also, PET affirms the use of ballot images and dismissed Marcos’ attacks thereto, urging the court to dispense of them. It must be recalled that the generation of the ballot images is a security feature intended to detect post-election tampering of ballots.

While this is a major setback on the Marcos camp, we should remain very vigilant and watchful. As I would always, this is not just protecting our Vice President, but defending our democratic process.”

At Kyah, lahat ng media yan ang interpretation, kayo lang sa BBM camp ang parang nasa ibang dimension.

Mukha ba silang talunan, mga bes? Ngiting tagumpay yan no.

Kahit matutuklaw na kayo ng katotohanang, pinipilit pa din ang fake news? Parang timang lang. 🤣🤣🤣


Natatawa ng Bongga,


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