Hindi pa Tapos ang TRAIN, Eto na Naman ang Federalism

Dear KaPAB,

Habang busy tayo sa pagbatikos sa pagmumura ni Duterte sa Diyos. Ginagapang naman tayo ng gobyerno para isalaksak sa atin ang federalism.

Former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay nagsalita na kung ano ang puwedeng mangyari.


The steps towards constitutional dictatorship in 2018.

1. This “Constitutional Committee” will vote in favor of its work. Once the members vote, the committee will then submit the draft constitution to the President.

2. The President will endorse the draft to the Congress.

3. The Congress will then convert itself into a Constituent Assembly. If Senate does not approve, the House will go its own way and let the Senate go to the Supreme Court.

4. The Con-Ass will edit the draft to allow for Term Extension of the President and other public officials, and No Elections in 2019.

5. The Con-Ass will immediately submit the draft for plebiscite. With the President’s control over LGUs, PNP, AFP, and other institutions, they can force the people to ratify.

6. Or the President can declare nationwide martial law and have the new constitution “ratified” through Barangay or Citizen’s Assemblies, the way Marcos illegally changed the 1935 Constitution.

There. Marcos 2.0


Mukhang magiging madilim ang susunod na buwan sa ating bansa. Kailangan nating maging alisto at matatag. Kailangan nating tutulan ang anumang pagbabago sa konstitusyon na nagdadala sa ating bansa sa kapahamakan.

Hindi Papayag na Mabalot ng Dilim ang Bansa,


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