Federalismo niyo Mukha Niyo

Dear KaPAB,

Niluluto na nila ang Federalismo. Niloloko tayo na magiging maganda ito para sa Pilipinas. Pero kung titingnan mo ginawa ito para sa pansariling interes ng administrasyong ito. Tingnan ang binigay nilang power sa presidente. Resibo.

The president will oversight all branch of government? Wala ng check and balance. Parang martial law lang. One man rule. Sakim sa kapangyarihan.

To summarize ito ang mga nakakatakot na provision base from the notes of   Economics PhD student,  JC Punongbayan:

1. Duterte can stay in office for another 10 years (the president is given a maximum of two 5-year terms)

Ganid sa kapangyarihan.

2. No VP; power is shared by President, Prime Minister (who can be appointed by President [what?!]), Cabinet, Parliament, and Regional Governments.

Plano talaga nilang iitsapwera si VP Leni.

3. 2 levels of government: Federal Gov’t and Regional Gov’ts

More levels, more tax!

4. President can nominate and even appoint Prime Minister [ready for PM Alvarez???]

PM Gloria Arroyo kaya? 

5. President can dissolve the Federal Assembly (Lower House today) “depending on certain conditions”; President can also call for new elections

6. Congress is replaced by Parliament, composed of the Federal Assembly (Lower House today) and Senate; Parliament will have 400 members; senators are elected regionally (3 per region)

7. Just like the president, each parliamentarian can serve for as much as 10 years [wtf!!! ready for 10 years of Senator Pacquiao and Senator Uson?]

8. Senate cannot initiate legislation [WHAT] and can only approve or disapprove legislation initiated by Federal Assembly

Useless na ang Senado.

9. When senators deliberate laws, they are limited to 1 reading (not 3 readings) “to avoid duplication of functions” [BUT this is an important check on the Lower House!]

*Laws can only initiate from Federal Assembly (Lower House today) which retain the usual 3 readings

10. During transition, Regional Governments will be created with NO ELECTIONS since these “takes time and entails cost” and so they can “operate right away” [a middle finger to our democratic values]

11. There will be a regional “equalization fund” where rich regions will subsidize poor regions (e.g., Manila subsidizing Davao region’s gov’t)

*Regions “should be given” funds, and will “control” (but not necessarily earn) 60% of all government revenues

12. 5-10 years will pass before the Regional Commissions transfer power to Regular Regional Governments (via submission of an Organic Act that provides for creation of executive department) [ganun ba katagal mag-draft ng Organic Act? eto nga ang bilis na-draft eh]

13. Party switching is banned 1 year after an election; state subsidy for the ruling party [a.k.a., let’s pay for the expenses of PDP-Laban]

Ang federalismo is a plan to give absolute power to Duterte and PDP-Laban for the next 5-10 years.

Hindi ito tama. Kailangan nating labanan. Ngayon pa lang na limitado ang power ng president inaabuso na nila eh. How much more kung lahat ng kapangyarihan sa gobyerno ilagay sa kamay niya?

Ilalagay niyo ba sa mga kamay ng mambabatas ang kinabukasan ng Pilipinas, knowing these legislators support the drug war and silent sa EJK? Eto ang mga mambabatas na nagbigay ng 1000 na budget sa CHR. Eto din ang mga nag approved sa martial law at extension na to.

Tama si Ping Lacson doble ang kakapalan ng mukha nila.

Magmatyag. Makilahok. Magsalita. Umalma sa mali. Bayan mo na ang binabalahura.

Tuloy ang Laban,


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