DDS Luisa Marshall, Natauhan na

Dear DDS,

Kilala niyo po ba si Luisa Marshall?  Isa siyang sikat na artist sa Canada at USA. In fact nag  guest na sya sa Ellen DeGeneres Show at Oprah Winfrey show.

Isa siyang DDS dati. Pero hindi siya bulag. Mas mahalaga sa kanya ang buhay ng tao. Pinadala niya kay PAB ang kanyang pagka disgusto sa pamamalakad ni Duterte sa programa laban sa droga.

Sa mga free data, eto po ang sinabi ng dati niyong kakampi mga DDS.

“Hello _____, thanks for adding me here. Good morning everyone! To be honest, at first I was glad of Duterte’s stand on the country’s huge drug problem but I have been sad everyday since he ordered the termination of drug addicts instead of rehabilitation. It was affecting me so much that I had to block all the news from the Philippines so I could function and live my life with no stress for many months.

I listened to the entire Human Rights hearing this morning. It saddened me on how much the unnecessary, hideous number of killings have risen. My heart bleeds for all the innocent victims and their families. However, the hearing is a start of a vital global awareness for other countries to take similar action and finally condemn, not tolerate the injustice and inhumane killings.

For several years, my husband and I have been involved in matters of helping make an awareness on a lot of social and community issues, Anti-Bullying, Veterans PTSD issues and TFW human rights here in Canada. We acted on each issue… sometimes under extreme circumstances and personal consequences. What can we do here in Vancouver that will impact others to help us stop this violation of human rights against the impoverished Filipinos? Please let me know and I would surely want to be a part of a process to a hopeful solution.”

Sana gayahin niyo siya kasi pilitin niyo man maging bulag, hindi magbabago ang katotohanan na para na tayong killing field. Sikat na tayo sa patayan internationally

Alam ko after this susugurin niyo na naman sya, babastusin, sasabihan ng addict at papaulanan ng death threats, ganun kayo eh. Sana marealize ninyo na dapat pahalagahan niyo ang buhay ng bawat Pilipino. Dapat sa bansa kayo loyal, hindi kay Mocha o kay Duterte.

Hindi perpekto ang Poon niyo. Sa pag totolerate niyo sa patayan para na rin kayong mga kriminal. Their blood is also in your hands.

Mulat na Pilipino,


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