Chel Diokno: Release EJK Survivor Roger Herrero

Dear KaPAB,

Naalala niyo po ba ang istorya ni Roger Herrero?

Last November 1, 2018, Roger Herrero, isang pedicab driver, binaril siya ng mga police sa Agdangan, Quezon and left for dead.



Eto ang kwento niya base sa post ni Ezra Acayan.

Wag po sir, maawa po kayo, apat po mga anak ko, maliliit pa,” Roger Herrero begged for his life as the police put a gun to his head.

“Magdasal ka na,” the policeman said, before pulling the trigger.

The bullet pierced Roger’s head, shattering his jaw. He slumped to the ground.

According to Agdangan police, they said Roger had robbed someone. As police was investigating the robbery, Roger shot at the police, then fled onboard a motorbike.

But Roger couldn’t drive a motorbike, his wife says. Roger could only drive a pedicab.

Roger said he was abducted by the police, forced to admit to a series of robberies in the town, and then brought to Atimonan, a town one hour away.

He heard one of the policemen say, “Dito na tayo dumaan pagbalik at nang malapit, dumaan na rin tayo sa bahay para kumain.” They parked the mobile in a dimly-lit place where they shot Roger in the head.

Roger, lying in a pool of his own blood, played dead as he waited for the policemen to leave. When the police had left, he managed to stand up and walk towards the other direction to ask for help.

Surviving the ordeal, he could no longer speak because of the bullet that had shattered his jaw. He wrote down on a piece of paper what had happened to him, thinking he will die soon.

Roger survived to tell his story, but he urgently needs your help. His life is still very much in danger—his jaw is shattered, and a bullet remains inside his head.

Roger is a pedicab driver, earning about P300 a day. His wife stays at home to take care of their four children—their eldest aged seven years old, their youngest four months young.

He needs a titanium plate for his jaw, which costs P215,000—a staggering amount unimaginable to a pedicab driver.

Since November 1, Roger and his family has had to rely on help from their relatives and friends. But, like Roger, they are very much underprivileged. They could not possibly raise the money needed for the operation, the medicines and the titanium plate on their own.

For those who are willing to send help, we have set up a GoGetFunding page to accept donations for his jaw surgery here:

I am begging on behalf of Roger and his young family. Please share and help give Roger a second lease at life.”

Nakasurvive siya pero nagkaroon na naman ng ng problema.



Hinuli na naman sya without a warrant noong isang araw.  Kaya ngayon, nakikiusap si Atty. Chel Diokno.


Buong mundo nakatingin sa mga pulis ngayon. Kung mabubuhay ba or baka may istorya na namang “nanlaban” na lalabas.





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