A Business who Supports Duterte, also Supports EJK

Kamakailan po Payag, a well-known Filipino restaurant located at 51-34 Roosevelt Ave., is closing and is up for sale.

The sudden announcement came July 27, when the restaurant owner posted it on Facebook.

Sabi ng post “It is with a heavy heart that we announced officially the closing of Payag restaurant”. Tapos sabi pa sa post “The place that touched so many Filipinos & strongly support Pres. Duterte,”

Sabi ng owner nalugi daw sya after her pro-Duterte stance alienated some of her customers.

Syempre naman, a support to Duterte is a support to tyranny and EJK. Sa Sunnyside Post.

Ang daming mga comment.

Sabi ni Tootsietooters:

“Why pledge allegiance to Dutarte? It’s not like he’s ever gonna know that a restaurant in Woodside supports him.

I always thought he was kind of a jerk to be honest.”

Sabi naman ni Maria Dizon

“True Dictatuta Digong may not care about this pathetic resto in Queens but what is key here is lessons learned and message to those who support evil!

Mabuti nga sa iyo. This is a perfect example of karma for supporting a murderer. Am proud of you New Yorkers for fighting what is right for not tolerating evil! I was a New Yorker once, lived in Brooklyn and I know what is in the heart and mind of a New Yorker .. we are not stupid and are vocal. We fight for what is right! Thank you New Yorkers!”

Sabi naman ni Elizabeth Robertson:

Why support the most incompetent president the Philippines has ever had? That mayor kills alleged drug users and yet he is the #1 Fentanyl addict in the country! What a nincompoop!”

I guess Filipinos who live in NYC is not blind. Alam nila na “a support to Duterte is a support to EJK and tyranny ”

Lesson learned, never mixed business with politics kasi nakakalugi.

Mabuhay ang mga bagong bayaning mulat.

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