“Batang Bilanggo Bill”

Dear KaPAB,

May kamag-anak at mahal sa buhay na 9 years old? Sa tingin mo, may discernment na sila kung ano ang tama at mali?

Kahapon inaprubahan na ng Committee on Justice ang isang bill na maaaring magkulong sa kanila.

9 years old? Grade 3 lang yun. Ang reason ng Chairman ng committee ay ito.



Operative phrase “being used”. Nagagamit ang mga bata, so bakit sila ang paparusahan? Hindi ba dapat pag ibayuhin muna nila ang paghuli sa mga drug lord at leader ng mga sindikato?

Eto po ang mga bumoto sa Committee.


Tingnan niyo sa listahan kung nandiyan ang Congressman niyo. Bukod tangi si Cong. Lawrence Fortun from Agusan del Norte ang nasa tamang lugar ang puso para sa mga kabataan.


“From a Facebook post of Atty. Patty Arroyo, former Executive Director of the International Justice Mission…

Are you a mother, father, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, lolo, or lola of children 9 to 15 years old?

Congress is rushing to pass a bill to lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility to 9 years old. The current law sets it at 15 years old and 1 day.

Here are the little known consequences of lowering to 9:

1. Your child’s misbehavior will become a misdemeanor.

hurts someone during rough play = physical injuries
takes someone else’s things without permission = theft
says something bad about another kid = slander
breaks another kid’s gadget = malicious mischief
hurts someone by accident = reckless imprudence

And the list goes on.

2. Your child may be arrested on the spot even without a warrant of arrest if your child has just committed, is actually committing, or is attempting to commit a “crime”.

3. Your child may be detained in a detention cell, possibly with adult detention prisoners, if there is no child-caring institution in your locality.

4. If there is “probable cause” (i.e., it looks like your kid committed the crime), a criminal case will be filed against your child, and your child will have to go to court for trial or “diversion” (an alternative way of finding guilt), which may take years to resolve.

5. If you’re lucky, the case may end up with a child-friendly court – i.e., there’s a stuffed toy in the waiting room, some crayons and coloring books, the judge will not put on the black robe, and your kid can testify in front of a video camera from the judge’s chambers right beside the court room.

6. If your child is convicted, he or she will not be imprisoned but will remain in the custody of a child-caring institution until the court is satisfied that your child has reformed.

7. After having gone through all of the above, a process which has the potential to destroy the soul and spirit of a full grown adult, your child will be released back to you.

Gusto ba talaga natin mangyari ito sa kanila? 


Ipaglalaban Ang Kinabukasan ng Kabataan,


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