Basahin kung Paano Nasermonan si Assec. Mocha ni Ed Lingao

Dear Assec. Mocha,

Pagkatapos mo pong basahin ang sinabi ni Ed Lingao, I suggest maghanap ka po ng aloe vera sa garden, mabisang gamot daw po ito sa lapnos sa balat.

Eto po ang sabi ni Sir Ed:

Dear Assec Mocha and the MOCHA USON BLOG:

I will try to understand your inability to comprehend what it was like to use your body to block Marines and their 37-ton Amtraks from advancing to Camp Aguinaldo to quell a military mutiny. I suppose wala ka naman duon.

If people are able to show true courage in the face of overwhelming power, then that is armor stronger than you would ever be able to comprehend. it is unfortunate if that is beyond your understanding.

What I cannot understand is where you get the nerve to imply that this was all theatrics.

If you want samples of theatrics, there are more appropriate samples out there, like the one on a lady assistant secretary’s blog where she shows herself plinking targets with a rifle, with the caption that says “training kahapon bago pumunta sa Mindanao.” Or one where she is reading law books.

You are an assistant secretary for social media. The title given you means that you are to be the best example of social media use; it is not a license to abuse your influence over social media. You are supposed to show the way, not act like a common troll. Sec. Martin Andanar paki sabihan naman si Ma’am. If you are really interested in taking up law, please do read RA 6713 for starters. It is the code of conduct for government officials and employees. That may put you on the right track.

BTW, did you know that your Tatay’s mother Nanay Soling was part of the anti-dictatorship movement, and led the Yellow Friday group in Davao? Could she have taken part in the local “drama” in Davao too?


PS Pwede po ba, walang mga sexist remarks? There are more than enough issues to sift through without being derailed by sexism and trolling


Ikaw naman kasi, Assec. Mocha kung ano-ano lang ang lumalabas sa bibig mo. Kahit madre hindi mo na pinatawad.

Kaya ka nababansagan na fake news kasi hindi ka nag iisip bago ka magsalita. Yan nasermonan ka tuloy. Bleh.





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