“Areglo” Nga Ba Ang 4M Na Natanggap Ng Pamilya Laude?

Dear KaPAB,

Ang daming haka-haka sa mga dahilan kung bakit binigyan ng absolute pardon ni Digong si Pemberton.

Kesyo nagpa-areglo daw ng 4 million ang pamilya kaya binigyan ng absolute pardon.

Alamin natin ang totoo from a respected lawyer, Atty. Randolph Castillo:


Spoiler: No such doctrine.

Let me disabuse your preconceived notion that this receipt by the Laude family of “civil damages” amounted to “blood money,” or “areglo,” or that they asked for it in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Some things to clarify.

GCTA (Good Conduct Time Allowance) and Pardon are not the same. GCTA and Damages due to civil liability are not the same. Civil liability and Criminal Liability are not the same

GCTA is a law that allows reduction of sentences for good behavior. Pardon is granted only by President motu propio, meaning on his own volition (feel lang niya), or upon application by the convict. It is in no way related to GCTA.

Civil Liability is awarded by virtue of Article 100 which states: Article 100. Civil liability of a person guilty of felony. – Every person criminally liable for a felony is also civilly liable.

Therefore, the award of civil damages amounting to 4 million is proper. Payment of which is not an “areglo.” Payment of which does NOT release the convict from his criminal liability. Payment of the same does not entitle the convict to go “scot-free,” (hindi “scotch-free,” bakla).

The fact that the Laudes received payment of the civil damages does mot make them complicit to the release of Pemberton. Only the Court, via a Petition for Early Release, can do that, upon recommendation by the DOJ.

Of course, Permberton can also be released via an Amnesty or Pardon. Magkaiba rin ung dalawang un, although only the Office of the President can do both.

Fortunately for Pemberton and unfortunately for the LGBTQ+ Community and the Filipinos/Filipinxs, Duterte deemed that Pemberton “was treated unfairly.”

Thus, his early release.

Ayan, klaro po di ba? Huwag tayong fake news. It’s not an “areglo”. Period.

Yamot Sa Fake News Purveyor,