Ang PCOO Sa Gitna Ng Kalamidad

Dear KaPAB,

Minsan matatawa ka na lang sa ginagawa ng PCOO. Instead na tumulong sa information dessimination biglang nang intriga sa gitna ng kalamidad.

Recently nagkaroon post si Ms. Yoly Ong na maraming na offend. Ms. Ong is a supporter of LP but she never work with OVP. An irresponsible post from Assistant secretary generate hatred for VP Leni Robredo.


Dinikit agad kay VP Leni. Nagreply naman ang OVP respectfully.


In other words, fake news na naman ang PCOO.  Si Ms. Yoly Ong, nag apologize na, ang PCOO kailan kaya?


One netizen, a respected professor, notice sa isang employee ng PCOO at kahit sa PCOO website.


MINDANAO killer quakes happened successively on Oct 16 (6.4) and Oct 30 (6.6), with many more smaller temblors in between. And I wonder what government efforts are being undertaken because I only see efforts from the VP, Angel Locsin, and some private groups and individuals at ground zero.

So I went to the FB wall of a PCOO Usec (ex DSWD USec too) to be fair, expecting to see government efforts posts, which I may not be seeing on my feed. She is after all Communications Usec, tasked to “communicate” to the people what good her masters are doing.

But these are among what I saw on her wall:
Nov 1 – Duterte crying at his mom’s grave
Oct 31 – Halloween meme
Oct 30 – a youtube clip on the movie Joker
A repost of a Mark Villar post on Marcos bridge in Marikina
A post calling VP Leni liar, stupid, unprincipled
A clip on Panelo grinning while calling VP Leni
A post on calling some people idiots
Belated greetings to Alan Peter Cayetano
And on the preceding days: more memes, more tirades against VP Leni, more selfies with government bosses, more insults against VP Leni (did I already say this), two more about Mark Villar, and even a copy of her appointment as PCOO Usec.


Either there is still no action at this time to harp about, or there is still no action to harp about. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Or the Comms Usec is not doing her job.


See, instead of mang intriga at mag create ng division gawin na lang sana ang trabaho nila di ba?

Aasa pa ba tayo mag sorry si Assistant Secretary Mon Calouping sa fake news niya?


Hay naku.




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