Ang Mensahe Ni Soc Villegas, Parang Mensahe Din Sa Mga Pilipino

Dear KaPAB,

Last New Year, nagpadala ng liham si Archbishop Soc Villegas sa inaanak niyang si Seth. Kung babasahin niyo puwede din niyang message to say ating lahat.


An open letter to Seth my godson on New Year’s Eve
December 31, 2018

Dear Seth,

Nothing is easy these days when it comes to rearing children like you. You are subjected to so much vulgarity and violence that I fear you might catch the wrong values which can ruin your future as a good Filipino and as a good child of God.

My first advice to you is pray constantly and go to Mass as frequently as you can, if possible even daily. Do not listen to him who tells you it is useless to go to Church and attend Mass. Whoever teaches you that is antiChrist and there are many of them, including those who look at it is a joke. They are not for Christ. They are against Christ.

Inaanak, the name of God is sacred. Promise me never ever to disrespect the name of God. You might not be able to understand God always. Our minds are too limited. Do not force the infinite God to fit into our limited minds. They who call God stupid are antiChrist. Pray for these people but do not imitate them. Respect them as elders but do not follow their bad example.

You have a godly father who respects your titas and your Mama. Treat all women and girls with respect, in fact, even with reverence. Do not laugh when older men make fun of women. That is vulgar and if you laugh or imitate them, you become vulgar yourself. Rape is not a joke. Immodesty is not laughing matter. Respect girls and women always. You have no excuse to abuse women specially the poor women.

Never call people names nor use cuss words even as expressions. Dirty words that come out of your mouth—foul language, lies, gossips, slander, malicious jokes—make you crass and ungentlemanly. Shameless crass people use such dirty words. Do not imitate. They are antiGod; they cannot be honorable. God wants you to be refined and honorable. I have great dreams for you.

Do not ever try drugs. Say no to friends who might offer you drugs. You kill yourself slowly by doing that. Drug users and drug addicts are sick. They need treatment and help in order to be well again. Do not believe those who offer killing as a solution. People who kill and people who coax others to kill are antiGod. They are antiChrist. Christ came to give us new life, eternal life.

Finally Seth, respect the Pope and my fellow priests and bishops because we are signs of God’s love for you. We are not spotless like angels but in our weaknesses, God still uses us for His mission. Walang silbi? Yes we are but if we are able to do anything good at all, all is because of God’s mercy. In mocking priests and bishops, you do what antiChrists do. Be a loyal son of the Catholic Church.

Keep the rosary in your pocket each time you leave the house; your mother’s name is Mary. Carry a handkerchief in your other pocket. That is a mark of good manners.

Don’t play with firecrackers tonight. Keep safe. Happy new year!

Ninong Father Soc

Di ba, puwede ding applicable sa atin? Lalo na sa mga DDS.

Naniniwala Sa Diyos,




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