Ang Mahal naman ng Ticket!

Isa sa mga tauhan na hindi natin nadiscuss. Si Atty. Martin Loon.

Ang abogado ni Tish Bautista na nag text kay Chairman Bautista na ang 620,000,000.00 ay isang speeding ticket for the chairman. Sabi po ni Atty. Loon,

Sir this is just a speeding ticket in life. In the bigger picture this will be nothing. You are still very young and have so much ahead of you. Sayang everything because neither you nor her nor kids will win this.” “You and your children still have a bright future ahead Sir. That proposed settlement is just a speeding ticket, and everyone will get a second chance to drive on the freeway again.”

Wow, P620 million speeding ticket?

At sinagot naman ito ni Chairman.

“Correct me if I am wrong Martin but the speed ticket you are referring to is at least 620 million- a world record for a ticket. I don’t have that money.”

I wonder why this lawyer use speeding ticket as an analogy. Nang sa tingin niya na hindi niya makukumbinsi ang Chairman sa analogy niya, ang sunod na message ay may halo nang pagbabanta.

“Good afternoon Sir. Spoke to your wife today. I think we have to fix this asap sir. She said she plans to see the president soon. I have a list of terms Sir,”

Nagkamali yata nang tinakot si Atty. Loon,  kasi hindi tanga at gullible si Chairman. By the way, Atty. Loon calls Bongbong and Lisa Marcos as Tita Lisa and Tito Bong.

Kung may pera na 620 million at binayaran ni Chairman Bautista si Tish “Third Eye” Bautista,  puwede kaya nating maipasok sa Guinness Book of World Record as pinakamahal na “speeding ticket”? 😂😂😂

Oh well,  so young si Atty. Speeding Ticket, yet so… Tsk tsk tsk!

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