A Message To Leni Robredo’s Haters

Dear KaPAB,

I just want to share this post of netizen Kevin Mandrilla.

You call out people for being negative but that’s all you’ve ever been against the VP.

Everything she does, even those that are apparently good, is suspect. You had never been willing to give her the same benefit of the doubt that you ask for your dear leader.


Because you’ve left your unexamined hate for her to grow to a seeming point of no return, let me help you spell it out.

You hate her because despite not having real powers, she gets things done and that makes the administration look even worse than it is.

You hate her because despite how low the government gets–particularly the foul-mouthed president you blindly defend–she remains steady, focused and dignified.

You hate her because doing so will take some steam off the president and make it easier for you to help gaslight the people, no matter how detrimental and obvious the administration’s faults become.

You hate her because she stands for things that you have, perhaps unconsciously, began to detest such as the need for truth and reason to guide how power is wielded, good old competence that doesn’t float on hubris and pretend toughness, and even the brilliance of talking plainly like a normal public figure.

Unfortunately, this undeserved hate is good as hot air. The reality does not work on your favor. The VP has kept working, kept doing more than what’s expected.

Though not banged as loudly as it should, the facts and stories of her hard work and responsiveness are intact, especially among the minds and hearts of those of us who pay attention–thankful to still have a public figure we can look up to at this time of chaos and confusion.

Thank you, madam VP. We see you. 🙂

Laitin man ng DDS trolls, mula ulo hanggang paa, nanatili siyang matatag  para sa bayan!



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